5 Tips To Custom Picture Framing That No One Will Tell You

Custom picture framing is not something that many people have experience with. When you are used to just sticking a poster in a ready-made frame, the world of custom picture framing can be a bit overwhelming. There are, however, a few tips to make it a little easier to understand.  1. Frame the Art, Not the Room. Although it may be tempting to use a blue mat when you are hanging a framed piece above a blue couch or using an oak frame because there is oak furniture in the room, don't.

What Are The Advantages Of Renting Your Trade Show Exhibit Instead Of Buying It?

Trade shows are the epicenter of product and service marketing. For a lot of entrepreneurs or new business owners, trade shows are what takes them from beginners to a recognizable name in their industry. Therefore, how you portray your business or service at a trade show is highly important. You will need a good exhibit to stand out from the rest of the crowd at these events, and that can take some doing.

4 Ways To Set Your Priorities When Designing A New Home Layout

As you begin to plan your custom home design, be sure you know what to prioritize in order to create the house of your dreams. This is, after all, your chance to express your own personality and have what you've always thought was missing in your home.  How can you know where to focus your priorities? Here are 4 ways to decide. Write a List. While you may have a good idea of what's important in your next home design, take the time to write down those priorities.

3 Reasons To Hire A Designer When Renovating

You've hired the contractor to do all the hard part of renovating, but did you consider hiring a designer, as well? A designer is going to make the final touches of your renovated work look it's best. This way, it's completely ready to be lived in once the renovation project is complete. Otherwise, you will be left with a new space that you will have to design all on your own.

Want To Improve Your Home? Hire Professionals To Tint All Your Windows

Making your home a better place for your family is something that you can accomplish in a lot of ways. For instance, you can add a dishwasher, install new floors, or paint the walls. It is also possible to enjoy multiple improvements by taking on a single project inside your home, such as tinting the windows. If you have windows that you know you are going to keep for at least a decade as long as they do not break, you should hire a window tinting company to tint every window throughout your entire property.

3 Tips For Lightening And Opening Up A Small, Dark Room While Staging Your Home

If you are busy staging your home in preparation for selling it, you may have one small room that you want to make appear larger. If so, use the following three tips for lightening and opening up your small, dark room while staging your home. Treat Windows with Sheer Fabric Curtains One way to bring light into your dark room to give it the illusion of more space is to treat your windows with sheer fabric curtains.

Tips for Designing a Useful Kitchen Island

An island can be a real boon to your kitchen tasks. A well-designed kitchen island can provide space for food preparation and dining as well as additional storage. However, and island takes up a lot of space in your kitchen, so it's essential you design one that is worth that space. Plan for a kitchen island that complements your daily routines as well as your kitchen d├ęcor. Brainstorm Kitchen Needs

2 Reasons Home Staging Helps Homes Sell Faster & Receive Higher Offers

If you are soon putting your home on the market or it is currently on the market and just not getting the top-dollar offers you were hoping to get, then you need to learn about home staging and how it not only helps homes sell faster, but also helps homeowners get offers closer to or at their asking prices. If you have never had a home you were selling staged before or this is the first time you are selling a home, then you may have the common misconception that home staging just isn't worth the small investment or even that buyers prefer to view empty homes.

5 Tropical Hardwoods You Should Consider For Your Next Flooring Project

Tired of looking at the same old oak, maple, or birch floors every time you stroll around the house? Add a little more interest and excitement to your humble floors by swapping out those old-fashioned woods for some durable and exotic tropical hardwoods. Discover the top five best tropical woods for flooring and the unique benefits provided by each option. Plantation Teak Teak is a long-lasting and majestic looking dark hardwood, but it's also slow growing and takes a long time to replace after harvesting.