4 Ways To Set Your Priorities When Designing A New Home Layout

As you begin to plan your custom home design, be sure you know what to prioritize in order to create the house of your dreams. This is, after all, your chance to express your own personality and have what you've always thought was missing in your home. 

How can you know where to focus your priorities? Here are 4 ways to decide.

Write a List. While you may have a good idea of what's important in your next home design, take the time to write down those priorities. Each family and home owner will have a different set of goals, wants, and needs, and too often what you think may be a priority is set by things you see on television, the internet, or in magazines. But by creating your own list and numbering your most important aspects in order of value to you, you can help yourself identify what's actually key to you.

Think About the Lot. You likely have put a lot of thought into what you want inside the home, but don't forget the outside. Each property has its own pluses and minuses, and how you design the house can take advantage of the best of the lot too. The direction of the home, where you place windows, where the entrances are, and where outside entertainment spaces can be reached will all help you enjoy the inside and the outside equally.

Consider the Future. Think about where your family or yourself will be in five, ten, or twenty years. Do you plan to have a family? Will older kids be moving out? Are you likely to be caring for older relatives? Do you want family and friends to stay with you regularly? Will grandchildren be hanging out at your home? Design not just for today's needs, but also with an eye toward how you want to use the house in the future.

Understand Your Usage. How you use your current home will help you decide how to lay out a future one. Do you tend to gather together as a family? Then you may want to include a larger family room or an open concept layout. On the other hand, do you need space away from the kids to work? Then look for a quiet spot to place a home office. How many people do you want gathering in the kitchen? You and your designer can create a space that fits your social tendencies or your desire to work alone.

Custom luxury home designs are unique to the people who create them and live in them. By thinking about your own needs and priorities — even writing them down — you're sure to be able to design a space you'll love for years to come.