3 Tips For Lightening And Opening Up A Small, Dark Room While Staging Your Home

If you are busy staging your home in preparation for selling it, you may have one small room that you want to make appear larger. If so, use the following three tips for lightening and opening up your small, dark room while staging your home.

Treat Windows with Sheer Fabric Curtains

One way to bring light into your dark room to give it the illusion of more space is to treat your windows with sheer fabric curtains. Any light color will allow light to filter through.

While you could simply open the existing curtains, the top and side panels will still block out some of the sunlight. Having the sheer material covering the window increases the area through which the sun will shine through, dramatically increasing the light in the room.

Hang Mirrors Strategically Throughout the Room

Along with treating your windows with sheer curtains, hang mirrors strategically in the room to reflect the light. Start with a large mirror on the wall directly opposite the largest window. Then, hang smaller mirrors on the adjacent walls.

As the light hits each mirror, the light in the room will increase. The brighter the light in the room, the more open the space will become.

If you do not want to hang too many mirrors, try placing a large piece of landscape artwork on one of the walls. Make sure you use one with light, airy colors. Especially if the artwork is the size of a small window, it gives the illusion of the room being opened up to the outdoors.

Use Lightly Colored Accents Around the Room

Along with opening up the light and space along the walls, take a look around the room at your furniture. If the room has dark wooden tables and darkly colored chairs and couch, the furniture in the room may be sucking the light away, making the room look smaller.

Instead of going out and buying lighter colored furniture, add lightly colored accents around the room. You can drape a white, lacy doily on the tables or throw a light blue blanket over the couch. Not only does this lighten up the area, but the contrasts in colors improve the room's visual appeal.

The above tips can help bring light and color into your small room, making it look larger and more open. If you have any further questions on how to stage other areas of your home when preparing it for a showing, consult an interior designing business such as Maison Rose Interiors.