Three Ways To Use Letter-Shaped Picture Frames

It's common to picture a rectangle or a square when you think about a picture frame, but a custom picture framing service may have other options that are available to you. A unique, eye-catching choice that you may wish to consider is a letter-shaped picture frame. One of the fun things about moving forward with this idea is that you'll need to gather a sizable collection of pictures to fill the frame—something that you may enjoy doing with your entire family. Here are three ways that you can use letter-shaped picture frames in your home.

In A Child's Bedroom

Children often love having pictures on display in their bedrooms. Photos of them with their friends, shots from family vacations, and even school pictures can all be popular choices for kids. Consider ordering a letter-shaped picture frame that represents the first letter of the child's given name, for example. Give the child an opportunity to collect a wide range of photos that you can take to the framing studio for the framing professional to incorporate into the letter shape. The child can enjoy the look of this frame on their wall for years to come.

In Your Entranceway

It's common for people to hang one or more family photos in the entranceways of their home. If you like this idea and you're looking for something unique, a letter-shaped frame may be a choice to consider. A good choice in this application will be the first letter of your family name. You and your family can then begin the process of going through your collection of photos to find images that will work well in the frame. You might gravitate toward candid shots from various family vacations, but don't overlook photos that you've taken at home, too.

In Your Home Office

For people who have home offices, it can be nice to decorate this space in various ways. A letter-shaped frame can be appropriate, especially if you have a name for your business and can choose a frame that represents that word. Depending on the type of work you do, there may be several photos that you can use. For example, if you do any type of consulting work, you may have a few photos of you with your various clients. A framing professional can arrange these photos and give you a product that you can hang with pride.

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