3 Lectern Options for Your Office

One piece of office furniture that can be an asset for you and your staff is a lectern. This is a device that you'll find at most office furniture suppliers, whether you're shopping online or in-store. Lecterns are valuable during all sorts of presentations, providing a place to keep notes and other documents, while also giving you a spot to hold a bottle of water. This piece of furniture has a small footprint, making it easy to store in the corner of a room or in a closet when you're not using it. Here are three lectern options that you may wish to consider for your office.


If you find a store that sells lecterns, you can expect to see several products that are made of wood. This design offers a high-end, traditional look that can work well in several office environments. You probably have numerous other pieces of wooden furniture in your office, so you can look for a wooden lectern that is a close visual match. These lecterns can be made of several different types of wood and have different stains, giving them colors that include dark brown, maroon, and more. Due to their weight, some wooden lecterns are equipped with small wheels to help you move them.


You'll also see metal lecterns for sale, which can offer more of a modern look that you might favor. If your office has modern furniture and decor, a metal lectern will likely be a better option for you than one made of wood. Metal lecterns come in several styles. Some are large and shaped like a wooden lectern, while others have more of a minimalist appearance — for example, consisting of little more than a shelf that sits on a few vertical pieces of metal. The latter style is lightweight, making it handy if you need to move it around the office.


Another material that might interest you is acrylic. You'll see lots of lecterns in this clear material that has a modern look. Because of its clear appearance, an acrylic lectern can work well in rooms that are small. Whereas a wooden lectern could look bulky in such a space, an acrylic product almost seems to disappear visually, ensuring that it doesn't add too much clutter. If you're interested in one of these materials, or perhaps looking to find a different type of lectern to use, visit an office furniture supplier to browse its products.